3 Reasons For Why Online Lead Generation Works

If you’ve been spinning your wheels handing out fliers, knocking on doors, and cold calling with no results, then it’s time to restrategize. It’s time to direct your efforts to online lead generation.

With the entire internet at your fingertips, there’s no time spinning your wheels with unsuccessful traditional lead generation.

Here’s the truth about the traditional lead generation. It’s time-consuming. It’s expensive. And it’s too general!

With online lead generation, you can transform your sales and marketing strategies into efficient and effective tactics.

Online lead generation is more specific

When you’re passing out fliers or cold calling people in your area, a vast majority of those fliers will be thrown away and most people will hang up the phone and never remember your name.

With online lead generation, you can significantly decrease the number of wasted or empty leads you attempt.

With online research and data sharing technologies, you don’t have to blindly cast your net wide and hope for results. You can use email marketing, FaceBook ads, and blogging to generate genuine interest that will develop real leads.

Tactics like FaceBook ads should only target people who have already expressed interest in products similar to yours. You won’t be mindlessly throwing your business in the face of people who have no need for it.

Blogging is a great way to generate specifically qualified leads.

If you are blogging about holistic health care because you sell holistic health care products, then people who are completely uninterested in the topic won’t spend their time reading your blog.

People who are already interested in the topic will find your blog useful and interesting. Therefore they are more qualified leads than some random person you had a flier to outside of a strip mall.

Another benefit of blogging is that people will grow to trust you if your information is good. If you have a blog that provides content that is valuable to your readers then they will begin to trust you. Then they are more likely to buy your product or service.

Here’s a pro tip: you don’t even have to write the blog yourself. If you hire freelance writers to provide you high-quality content, readers will still trust you and your business more than if you didn’t have the blog.

Online lead generation is cheap

Online leads are cheapIf you are creative and dedicated, you can generate a ton of exposure for your brand, product, or service. And you can do it using platforms that are entirely free.

Social media, YouTube, blogging and guest blogging are all free ways to increase your marketing to generate qualified leads. Online lead generation is mostly free!

Printing fliers, pamphlets, posters, business cards and more can get expensive. Buying ad space, creating ads, selling ads can all get extremely costly.

If you’re a startup or a new business then odds are you don’t have the resources for an old school marketing campaign. Those kinds of print campaigns are so hard to track and measure the success of anyway.

With an email campaign, you can actually track your open rate and see the exact amount of revenue created from a campaign. Then you can become a smarter and more effective marketer. With a print ad, poster or ad on a community bulletin board, you have no idea how successful it is because it doesn’t generate any data.

Online marketing and lead generation can help you make smarter choices in how you market your business. Then you’re not just guessing or grasping at straws. Most companies employ A/B testing with all of their email campaigns so they can hone in on tactics that work and cut out the stuff that isn’t doing any good.

By working smarter you save money by not throwing your resources at techniques or strategies that aren’t working for you.

By taking advantage of the free resources online and utilizing the trackable data produced from online marketing, you can save yourself a lot of money and time!

Online lead generation saves time

It might seem like blogging or managing a social media presence would be time-consuming. But in reality, you’re still going to save you time because you won’t be wasting your time.

If you put in the effort at the start to build an email list and establish an online presence, all future advertising is so much faster.

If you’ve spent some time generating a solid list of emails, any specials deals or offers you would like to run can be shared with hundreds, even thousands, of qualified leads within minutes. A tradition campaign of cold calls and direct-mail coupons would take hours to assemble and days, if not weeks, to disseminate.

Imagine you realized at the last minute that next weekend was Father’s Day. A BOGO coupon for your custom men’s leather wallets and belts would be a perfect ad to run. Do you have time for a traditional direct mail campaign?

No! No one will have enough time to buy and ship the gifts by the weekend. But with an email blast, you could generate some serious profit.

By leveraging the power of the internet you are able to create a more targeted and useful list of leads. These leads can be tapped within minutes with online lead generation.

Traditional cold lead generation requires a lot of legwork. The world is now so plugged in and connected to devices that spending all of that time running around hard copies of ads is not bad for the environment but it’s a waste of time.

New studies are showing that people are spending up to 5 hours a day on their cells phones and a majority of that time is on apps. Having a mobile app (though isn’t free to develop) is another great way to reach a wider audience of more qualified leads.

The simple truth: online lead generation is the way to go

If you’re a local business or start-up, it’s time you started harnessing the wide reach of the internet to beef up your marketing strategies. Online lead generation will help you create a more unified and efficient marketing strategy that saves you time and money.

You don’t have to pay-your-dues, tough-it-out, or play-it-by-the-book. This isn’t a Mad Men era of marketing! Using smart and precise online lead generation tactics will pay off big time for your growing business.

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