Blogging for Dummies: 9 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

There are plenty of folks who think being a blogger is one of the easiest jobs. They assume that all you have to do is sit at home all day, surfing the internet. If only they knew the amount of time, effort and creativity you need for even one blog post – there wouldn’t be a blogging for dummies!

Blogging isn’t for everyone but it is still possible for anyone to do.

Blogging for Dummies

If you’re new to the blogosphere, you’re likely to have made some rookie mistakes. Most of which are common and almost all of them can be solved through strategy. Here are a few blogging errors most of us have made and how to easily solve them.

1. You Don’t Have An Actual Blog

To get your business to stand out online, it’ll take some serious effort. Your company’s blog will be competing with hundreds and thousands of other blogs. Even with a fancy website and professional photography, your site can still flop.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you’ll want to create a blog with fun and informative content. Think: blogging for dummies. Try not to confuse readers with too much heavy content. Learn more about yourself and your business, then give readers an insight on what you’re all about.

Remember that these are your potential customers looking at your blog, so it’s important to have one. Your clients will want to feel a personal connection between you and them. The more personal you are about your business, the more successful you’ll be.

2. You Don’t Write Like You Talk

Writing a blog post and writing a school paper are two completely different things. But most bloggers start by writing similarly to how they did in school. While it’s important to have proper grammar and zero typos, it’s more important to develop a voice.

People on the internet enjoy reading as few words as possible sometimes. When we speak to people, we usually keep our phrases short and to the point. This is the similar style bloggers should be having.

If you want to keep your audience interested, be conversational. Approachable writing makes people feel like they’re dealing with actual people, not robots. Don’t be afraid to make an appropriate joke or to use puns. People enjoy reading that.

3. You’re Kind of Plagiarizing

This is a blogging for dummies red flag. There are good reasons why your teachers didn’t want you to plagiarize in school. It develops the habit of lazy writing and is – ahem- illegal.

Yet, many blogging beginners still copy and paste their way through life. But it certainly backfires one way or another. Readers can usually tell when something is copied from someplace else. That voice you’ve developed goes away and you stop sounding like yourself.

Stealing other people’s content could get you penalized by Google. Which is counterproductive seeing how Google is what drives clients to your blog in the first place.

Learn how to properly cite others. There are websites that make citing very easy for you. Taking a few minutes to learn this is essential when you’re first starting out.

4. Your Blog Has No Images

images for bloggingTo give the words on your blog the life that they need, you’ll want beautiful images. Though a picture is not always necessary to understand the point of your blog posts, it can make the post more enjoyable.

Interesting, high-quality images can hold your audience’s attention for longer periods of time. They also add value to your content and make it that more likely for a reader to keep reading.

You won’t even need your own camera for this. Sites like Creative Commons or PixaBay have tons of images for free!

5. You Don’t Bother With Emails

Many fail to understand the importance of capturing emails. Listen to what email marketers have told us in the past: the money is in your list.

Having your clients’ contact information makes nurturing leads and prospects much easier. You can also promote your other services, your events, and overall access to your blog via email.

Depending on your kind of business, you can also advertise any special deals. And who better to promote it to than a list of dedicated people who actually signed up?

But remember: you have to ask people (nicely) for their emails.

6. You Have Typos … Lots of Typos

typos and errorsAs a reader, it’s hard to forgive a website with typos. We expect for businesses to know exactly what they’re talking about – that includes zero typos.

Face it: misspellings show a lack of attention to detail and sloppy work. This can put off potential customers. Cut the slack and make sure that your blog has had a thorough spell check.

7. You Haven’t Considered Facebook Ads

A simple ad from Facebook on your company’s blog can really leverage power.

By using your freebies, webinars, blog posts and events with a budget, you can drive clients to your blog. There are services that can do it all for you – they understand blogging for dummies.

8. You Don’t Use SEO

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is what helps potential clients actually find your content. Some call it the “black magic of online marketing” but it’s more of an important step to a successful blog.

To make your content SEO-friendly means having common keywords that are utilized among the title, images, header and the body of the blog. This is how search engines locate and recommend your stuff.

If you don’t want to pay SEO experts to create strategies for you, then you need to have the best terms to describe your business and strategically feature them on your blog. But hiring a professional is highly recommended.

9. You Don’t Have a Guest Blogger

Having a guest post can drive a guest blogger’s audience directly to you and your business.

Manual outreach link placements on real websites can help you boost your rankings safely and get more traffic to your site. And it can all be done for you here.

So it really isn’t that difficult to be a blogger but it does require a lot of your time and focus. Blogging also requires a bold attitude. If you aren’t willing to put yourself out there, then you can’t expect much success.

Blogging is also the future of business. Clients are on the internet and in order for them to find you, you will need to be on the internet too.

Remember that blogging for dummies is the starting point of every blogger! Keep these tips in mind and don’t hesitate to hire some assistance.

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