How Blogging Works With Social Media for Leads

Does your business have a great blog but no social media outreach?
Do you have a huge social media presence but no blog posts?
By combining your blog with an enhanced social media strategy, you can significantly improve your business’s sales.

Not sure where to start when it comes to blogging?

Don’t worry! We’ll take you through everything you need to know and teach you how blogging works.

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Benefits Of Blogging

By combining your blog with an enhanced social media strategy, you can significantly improve your business’s sales.

Blogging is becoming practically essential in the business world, and for good reason. Some of the benefits of blogging include:

Blogging Drives More Traffic To Your Site

Who doesn’t want more website views? Building up a blog for your business is one of the best ways to invite more people to view your site. Blog posts add more indexed pages to your website, which makes it more likely that your business’s site will show up in search engines.

Blogging Makes Your Site Easier To Find On Social Media

People aren’t very like to share your business’s “About Us” page on Facebook. However, if you have a great blog post about something they know their friends are interested in, they will be more willing to share that post and invite more people back to your site.

Blogging Helps You Keep Your Social Media Game On Point

It can be hard to keep up your social media strategy, especially if you’re constantly trying to think of new content. It’s a full-time job in and of itself, and if you’re not in a position to hire a social media manager, you’ll get stuck doing all that extra work.

Blogging makes the job easier because you have a whole bank of content to share on social media. You don’t have to spend time thinking of new things to post because your blog posts are right there begging to be shared.

Blog Writing Tips

You now know a bit more about how blogging works to increase traffic to your site and, in turn, increase sales.

But how do you actually get started writing a blog?

If you’re not an experienced writer, blogging can be stressful. Don’t give up, though! Follow these tips, and, with a bit of practice, you’ll be blogging like a pro in no time.

Your Blog Must Benefit The Reader

Obviously, you’re blogging to improve your business. That being said, it’s important to remember that your business won’t improve if no one visits your blog. And no one is going to visit your blog if they feel like you’re just trying to sell products without providing anything new for them.

When drafting a post, think about your audience and what they need to know. How can your business — without being pushy — help them?

Your Blog Must Have The Right Tone

Blog posts are very different from corporate reports or term papers. While you still want to maintain a semi-professional tone, you also want your blog to be conversational.

Here are a few simple ideas to improve your blog’s tone:

Write the way you speak. Don’t use words like “cutting-edge” that never how up in everyday conversation.
Use active voice. For example, instead of saying “your call will be returned,” say “we will return your call.”
Use short sentences and paragraphs. No one wants to read a big block of text, especially since so many people read on a phone or tablet.
Use contractions: it’s, we’ll, we’re, etc.

Your Blog Must Inspire Your Readers To Act

After reading your post, your readers should want to do something. Whatever that something is is up to you. Encourage them to reach out if they still have questions, or to take advantage of a service that you provide. Let your readers know that you support them and want to help them reach their own goals. They should feel inspired after reading your post.

Putting It All Together

Putting together your blogYou have some ideas for writing a great blog post and you know that blogging important. But how do you put blogging and social media together to grow leads for your business? Below are few ways that you can increase sales with blogging and social media:


Share Blog Posts On Social Media

As discussed above, sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites will help redirect traffic back to your site.

Make It Easy For Your Readers To Share Posts

The easier it is for your readers to share your posts on social media, the more likely they are to actually do it. Including sharing buttons on your blog post will allow readers to spread your message with just a few clicks.

Pre-Write Messages

It gets even easier than share buttons at the top of the page. Help yourself and your readers by pre-writing tweets to go along with the link when they share it. Whether the message is a quote from the post or a summary of what it covers, something is better than nothing. A link with a message is more likely to be clicked on than just a plain link.

Make Sure Readers Are Following You

In addition to sharing your content, you should also make sure your readers are following you. The sooner they see you have a new post up, the sooner they’ll share it and the sooner your traffic will increase. Including buttons that automatically add your readers to your list of followers is an easy way to increase your social media reach.

Still Feeling Lost?

Even though you know a bit more about how blogging works, you still might be feeling unsure of how to implement the practices discussed above. Not everyone is a confident writer, and not everyone has the time or desire to become one.

If you are interested in creating a blog for your business but don’t want to write all the posts, consider taking advantage of a blog writing service. Blog writing services do the heavy lifting for you. Our service will also give you the opportunity to review the finished product and make sure it matches your style.

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