Are you curious to meet the "A" team? Are you?

Well, we like to think we are the "A" team because we work in synergy and have the same interest at heart: customer satisfaction.​ And we don't say just to sound good but because we know that only through customer satisfaction we can sustain our thriving business. So we mean it.

See, we both come from diverse professional backgrounds and nationalities but when we join forces simply magic happens.

We are blessed to be doing what we love and everyday is an opportunity to improve and expand our reach to all those online entrepreneurs LIKE YOU who like us, see the power of work-life-balance while enjoying making money.​

Ok, ok, without further due...surprise!!!!!! This is us...

Alin + Andrea = "A" team

And if you are wondering how come we look so cool together, well...that's because we are married of course!

We have experience in Project Management, eCommerce integration, marketing, product management, brand management, logistics, web design, facebook ads, SEO, video editing and more. We both have Graduate degrees and plenty of certifications to keep us up-to-date. More importantly, we have been in online entrepreneurship for the last 6+ years so we know what it takes to start, to break the ice for your first client, and how to keep them coming back.

Ok, now a bit of the FUN stuff about us...

  • Our flags have the same 3 colors (yellow, blue, and red) but we were born in opposite horizontal poles.
  • We are both perfectly and sometimes annoyingly similar because we are both libra.
  • He took salsa lessons for 3 months in preparation to meet me even though he didn't know who I was yet.
  • We both loveeee dogs but don't have any so we don't have to pick up their poop.
  • We are both a bit freaks about eating healthy and gluten free.
  • My 2nd passion (yes, it's Andrea the one writing this page) is health and helping other get healthy.
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